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Rimera Group's Izhevsk Plant Designed New Well Workover Unit


Izhneftemash, part of Rimera Group, is bringing another new product to market. A renovated US-50x20K mixer makes 20 cubic meters of thicker cement slurry, which helps optimize the well cementing process.

The US-50x20K has been designed on the basis of US-50x14K mixer, and is used to prepare cement slurry and other sand-and-liquid slurries for cementing oil and gas wells during drilling, completion and workover. The key distinction of the modified mixer is a larger hopper holding up to 20 cubic meters, a longer chute and two extra supports at the front of the hopper for improved stability in the working position.

The hydromixer and the transfer box of the dosing auger drive at the bottom of the hopper have also been upgraded to improve the quality of cementing and performance reliability of the unit.

"The US-50x20K mixer is the third special-purpose unit we have marketed in 2015", says Sergey Shunin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Izhneftemash. "We can supply custom-tailored products within tight timeframes through our consistent approach to production management and proactive integration of lean manufacturing tools, which has already become our company’s trademark."

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