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Pervouralsk Pipe Plant Builds Up MPI Capacity for Oil Tubular Goods


The Pervouralsk Pipe plant (part of ChelPipe Group) is putting into operation an additional magnetic particle inspection (MPI) unit to enable quality control of 100% collars for oil tubular goods produced by the Pervouralsk Pipe plant’s Finishing Center.

The capacity of the MPI unit is up to 2,400 pieces per shift, with sizes ranging from 73 to 195 mm. The operating principle is based on detection of local stray magnetic fields above flaws by ferromagnetic particles acting as indicator.

The MPI unit is manufactured by TIEDE (Germany). The project budget is about 30.7 million rubles. The MPI process for collars meets Russian and API (American Petroleum Institute) standards for tubular goods.

“Leadership in technology is one of the core principles of the White Metallurgy production system in place at the ChelPipe Group. In 2015, in addition to investing into a project to improve the oil tubular goods quality control, the Pervouralsk Pipe plant allocated funds to upgrade some processes to expand the production of high-margin stainless, boiler and cold-deformed high-precision tubes, and purchase equipment to fabricate new sizes of continuous cast billets”, says Roman Tomin, Manager of the Capital Investment Department, ChelPipe Group.

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